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    Print Problem Primavera


      I am facing a problem while tying to print in color stright from primavera in A3 format. It always prints just in black and white. If I print it to PDF and than print it from the reader it goes in color, so I asume the problem lies in Primavera itself rather than printer. Any help would be appriciated.


      P.S. Printer settings were always set on color, so nothing as basic.
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          I've noted that Primavera occassionally fails to communicate properly with Adobe PDF writer. Have you tried using CutePDF instead? I've never had any issues using CutePDF.
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            The problem is not with PDF printer but the physical one. I am using CutePDF and it works fine. The problem appears while printing with a physical printer. I checked the printing settings every single time and it does not print in color stright from Primavera whereas it DOES from PDF.
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              I too have a user who is having difficulties with printing colour directly to an A3 printer. He is able to print in colour to exactly the same model of printer on a different floor, so my guess is that there is a printer/driver configuration issue. It's fine printing to it from any other application though, which is a bit suspicious.

              Oddly enough, he's not able to print to PDF using Jaws pdf creator either, but think that's for a different thread...
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                I am not able to find out why, but found an alternate solution. i publish the plan to HTML and then color print it and it works fine.
                this has got nothing to do with printer settings itself as other docs from other apps get printed pretty well. This is a Primavera issue.