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    How to open a port in Lion

      I have been writing an App in Java under Linux that allows multiple clients to "talk" with a master computer but have only one computer to use as a client for testing. All the machines are connected to a single router. I brought my mac Air, running Lion, in to have a second machine to use as a client but while my App "sees" the master to send to its port it apparently cannot open its own port. I'm using 6502 for the pot and AFAIK it's not being used on the Air.

      I think that the problem is that Lion requires that to open a port it must be associated with an App and my executable jar doesn't qualify.

      I'm using sockets to communicate between machines. I'm fairly new at Java and new to networking.

      I know this is not an Apple forum but I don't know where else to turn so if anyone knows how to open the port or of a workaround I'd be grateful.