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    Backflushing - Queries


      We enabled backflushing(Assembly Pull) in BOM and setup default supply locators(A.LOC1) for material(Item XYZ).Assume the same item is there in 3 different locations A.LOC1,A.LOC2 and A.LOC3.Is there any way to make WO to pick up material from A.LOC2,if there is no on hand qty in A.LOC1,instead driving A.LOC1 to nagative.

      Do you have any SQL to list all backflush enabled BOMs?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Per my knowledge this does not exists in Oracle functionality. I am really interested if any body suggests any alternatives or work around!
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            Even i couldnt find such functionality.

            Profile “INV:Override Neg for Backflush” =NO to avoid inv negative when backflush transactions,This would prevent driving inventory negative.
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              Try using component pick release. It will create move order for component from Inventory (loc1/loc2/loc3) to supply sub defined in WIP Parameters.
              You can also setup inventory picking rule.

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                WIP supply type is assembly pull. then WIP paramenter "release backflush components" checked. So Move order can be generated to pick the components from loc1, loc2 etc as per availability in Oracle. Move order destination will be the supply subinventory/locator defined in WIP parameters, or at BoM level or Item level.

                If you do not want any of these transactions, and if your inventory locators are fixed per item, then you can define backflush locator at item level in WIP tab of organization items.
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                  Thank you very much,

                  Is Move order generated only if there is no OHQ in default locator or irrepective of OHQ,it creates move order.So one side using back flushing,trying to reduce manual transaction(material posting) and other side adding additional transactions(move orders).Am i correct?