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    ATO for Internal orders

      Hi Guru's,

      ATO is not working for internal orders (I want to auto create work orders), is there any work around to get ATO worked in multi org environment?


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          See if this helps

          Internal Requisition From Sales Order [ID 1363518.1]

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            Hi Mahendra,

            thanks very much for response. My model is per below.

            We have 3 DC organizations, and 4 manufacturing organizations. Customer places sales orders on DC orgs. Through min-max we pass the demand to mfg org. Some or MTO and some are MTS. If I select one mfg org, it may have internal orders from 3 different internal orgs. I have another process (off-Oracle) to prioritize which internal order is to be filled first.

            Currently I am planning to create Work order through min-max, it consolidate the whole demand does not look at the internal order number or the internal customer to ship. I am looking for a way to tell to production people that a work order and its customer. Hence they can ship to the route.

            Hence, I want to create a work order against every internal order and linkage between work order and internal order number, instead of consolidating demand via min-max.

            Is this possible?