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    Making published UPK material available

      Hi All

      This may seem like a silly question, but I am only new to UPK and I'm sure there are a lot of processes I'm not yet familiar with. I have been working on UPK to produce training materials, which are now finished and published. I don't know however where I would go to make the materials be accessible by others I work with i.e. so if they needed to look something up where they would go to. Do I need to set a server up for this? Or is it as simple as uploading to somewhere?

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          A good deployment strategy is very important for getting the maximum impact from your training materials. You could simply put the published player package on a web server and then send the URL to your audience. However, I would recommend a deployment in Knowledge Center. You can publish titles directly to Knowledge Center from UPK Developer and they will immediately be available to your audience. You will also be able to run reports on your content to see how often it is being used.
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            Hutch Training
            What I've done for my clients is to publish the player to a public network drive and then send users a link to the \Publishing Content\PlayerPackage\play.exe file which is at the location you published to.

            Good luck!
            Brenda H