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    Over/Under Receive Blanket PO in Mobile Supply Chain Applications

      Hi Experts, We have this issue while over/under receiving blanket PO with multiple shipments in Mobile Supply Chain applications.

      1). Create a blanket PO for an item and approve

      Blanket PO: 12345

      Line Num Item
      ----------- ----------
      1 XXXX

      2). Create a release (with multiple shipment lines for the same item) and approve

      shipment num Line No Item Quantity Need by Date
      ------------- ---------- ------- ------- ------------
      1 1 XXXX 12 12-Aug-12
      2 1 XXXX 15 19-AUg-12
      3 1 XXXX 20 26-AUg-12

      3). Receive the above blanket release through mobile applications

      Receive shipment Num 1 with quantity 20(more than 12) , Transaction is succesful but the issue is transaction is getting saved with qty 12 for shipment num 1 and the balance qty (20-12) is automatically going to shipment num 2 ,Ideally which should not happen.

      When we do the same through Oracle Applications receicing screen, It allows over/under receivig with out going to next shipment number.

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