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    Unsupported device type

      After a power outage OSB has lost the ability to use two of its three tapes drives. I've hard rebooted the library. I've pulled the power cord on the library. The OSB server has been rebooted multiple times. I've tried putting the drives out of service and bringing them back up. When going to the Configure -> Device - Tape2 (or Tape3) I see this message at the top of the screen/
      no hardware info is available for drive tape2 - unsupported device type (not tape or library)

      no hardware info is available for drive tape3 - unsupported device type (not tape or library)

      Transcripts of jobs show these errors:
      Error: can't open device tape3 - device file not found (OB scsi device driver)

      Error: can't open device tape2 - unsupported device type (not tape or library) (OB scsi device driver)

      I'm not sure what to do. All the tape drives are the same so obviously the drivers exist. How do I get these drives working again?

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          What OS are you running?

          It sounds like the device attach points have moved. If this is a Linux system then you can do "obtool lsdev -l" to see what /dev/sg entry your devices are looking at, and then do "sg_map -x -i" to see what /dev/sg your devices are really using. Then you can update the device attach points to point to the correct entry using "obtool chdev -a"

          For example :

          obtool lsdev -l

          Device type: tape
          Model: [none]
          Serial number: 882E70020M
          In service: yes
          Library: L700
          DTE: 1
          Automount: yes
          Query frequency: [undetermined]
          Debug mode: no
          Blocking factor: 512
          Max blocking factor: 512
          Current tape: [unknown]
          Use list: all
          Drive usage: 2 months, 1 week
          Cleaning required: no
          UUID: dddc4eaa-f143-102b-b28c-001ec9b5e6ee
          Attachment 1:
          Host: dukdaa01
          Raw device: /dev/sg2

          sg_map -x -i

          /dev/sg0 0 0 32 0 13 DP BACKPLANE 1.05
          /dev/sg1 0 2 0 0 0 /dev/sda DELL PERC 6/i 1.22
          /dev/sg2 1 0 0 0 5 /dev/scd0 TEAC DVD-ROM DV28EV D.AE
          /dev/sg3 3 0 0 1 1 /dev/nst0 IBM ULTRIUM-TD2 333K

          obtool chdev -a dukdaa01:/dev/sg3 Drive0


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            Thanks for the suggestion Rich. Since we'd never had a problem with our library or drives changing attach points with this install I assumed that because I was getting the "Unsupported device type" error in OSB that it was an OSB problem. Running sg_map -i -x showed that the OS wasn't even aware the devices were there anymore.

            It turned out to be a hardware issue. A SCSI cable had gone bad after drive 1 causing the OS to not see drives 2 and 3. I replaced the cable and all is well.

            This was not an OSB issue.

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              We have the same problem, but on Solaris, so the sg_map commant is not working.

              Can somebody help us ?


              Thank you and regards,