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    How to edit custom and/or user dictionaries in OPPM v.9 (NOT P6)

      Hi All:

      Thanx, Sachim for your help on my earlier question.

      Now that I have poked around a little more, I realized that I haven't seen anything about how to EDIT the dictionary files once created. The "organizational custom dictionary" text file could just be edited with any text editor, but what about the other available OPPM dictionaries?

      I've also noticed that if a User adds a word, it goes into his/her personal dictionary. That means that its not available to other Users. How does one clean them up of accidentally (or unintentionally) added mis-spelled words? Every other application I've ever used with a spell checker has that function somewhere, but I can't see it in OPPM. It would be great to be able, as an Administrator, to be able to "harvest" those added words, to share with the other users.

      Anyone have any info on these issues? Thanx in advance.