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    ClassNotFoundException Error

      I just upgraded to the new Java 7 update 5. I originally had Java 6 installed, and everything worked fine. Now, whenever I try to run anything in any browser, I get the "Error, click for details" message. And when I click, I get a message similar to this one (on different sites, the second part of the message is obviously different):



      Could someone please tell me how I can fix this?

      Thank you very much,
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          If you have not done this, open the Console, the setting is in the Java Control Panel. See the output there. In the console you can also have some options of printing out additional information that could be helpful in debugging. Also, if you are in a proxies environment, check that the proxies in the 64bit JRE are set appropriately.

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            We got past that part. Now the Java applets for any website won't load. For example when I go the the Test Java page, all it does is load forever. It's just a forever spinning wheel. What causes that?
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              I had other people post helpful advice, but it seems to have been deleted. I wonder why...

              Doesn't look like anyone knows why this happens. But then again, like the old addage goes: Java, Write Once, Debug Everywhere.