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    Update SOA-MDS after change in AIA component


      I have changed an EBO but I am not able to Update SOA-MDS after the change. I get the below error when I run

      ant -f UpdateMetaData.xml

      C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_aia\aia_instances\AIA_Inst\config>ant -f UpdateMetaDataDP.xml

      The error is:

      Buildfile: UpdateMetaDataDP.xml
      C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_aia\aia_instances\AIA_Inst\config\UpdateMetaDataDP.xml:2: Unexpected element "{}DeploymentPlan" {antlib:org.apache.tools.ant}DeploymentPlan

      The contents of my UpdateMetaData.xml file are

      <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
      <DeploymentPlan component="Metadata" version="3.0">
                <UpdateMetadata wlserver="fp" >     
                     <fileset dir="${AIA_HOME}/AIAMetaData">
                          <include name="AIAComponents/EnterpriseObjectLibrary/Core/EBO/DisbursedPayment/V1/**"/>

      Just wondering if anyone knows what I am doing wrong???