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    mobile sync android application could'nt synchronize


      I am looking for synchronizing oracle database (server side) and android database (client side) . For this, i have prepared this environment:
      - Oracle glassfish server
      - mobile server 11g
      - oracle database mobile server 11g ( MDW and packaging Wizard)

      After that I have created a user on mobile server, I created a project using MDW, a publication and i had published it using an application which i had created through packaging wizard.

      On my android device, I have created mobile sync application following this tuto : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12095_01/doc.10303/e16214/sandroid.htm

      I run my application on my real device, it works . But when i tried to put my user name, password and server url, I pressed on sync button an error has been shown : "Encountred error: Un successful http response: 301 moved permanently.

      I hope that i find a response to this issue, any help, i would be very thankful
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          Hi I dont know whether you are still following this thread or not.

          I don't know whether my answer is solution for your answer or not, but so far I use this technique and it works for me.
          I think your problem is due to the device is not in the same Local area network with the computer running the mobile server.

          You may try this.
          1.Use your laptop to be Hotspot server (this laptop has to be connected to the LAN network where the Mobile Server is running), and to make your laptop hotspot server, simply do this :
          a. Open start–> all Program –> accessoris –> cmd –> right click and run as administrator
          b. type this netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=welcome key=welcome & netsh wlan start hostednetwork
          c. Open network and sharing center–> change adapter setting=> choose which adapter to connect internet. Choose LAN cable. Right Click Local Area Network–> properties–> click sharing tab –> check allow network box–> choose Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter or Wireless Network Connection 2 or anything else as long as the adapter is “Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter” > then OK.
          d. check with your android device a wi fi named "welcome" and key in password 'welcome' as well.

          After that you will be connected with the hotspot and you will be in the same LAN network with your mobile server.
          then try sync again, don't forget to key in IP address of the mobile server in the URL edit text in the application.

          I hope it works