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    O2A cartridges-How to add custom orderLine attribute?


      We are working on OSM O2A cartridges and as per business requirement we have to add few attributes at orderLine level.

      In ProcessSalesOrderFulfillmentEBM I can see that at orderLine level there is one structure 'SpecificationGroup'.

      Can we use this structure to provide orderLine attribute as name value pair?

      If we use this structure then there is no need to add additinal data element(Custmization) at component data dictinary for this requirment.

      What AIA is suggesting that they will add one custom structure at orderLine level and provide all custom data in that structure. If they add data in new structure then OSM has to do few changes in O2A cartridge(in ORR transformation rule,DD and order template etc.)

      My question is:
      For this requirment which approch is perfect: Accept custom structure from AIA or use existing structure i.e. Specification which is already available at orderLine level.

      What is best practice to define additinal arttribute about orderLine?