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    OBIEE 11g - PDF export issues/Error page replacement/

      Hi All,

      Need help for below items:

      1.OS patching issue :::: The application should support CIS security standards for its web, database and OS components.
      Can weblogic server be OS hardened ????

      2. Error page: can we hide the error page from user when we do the adhoc analyis in anwers ????

      3. Filters should be appearing in the PDF format, exactly as they appear in the OBIEE.
      when we are exporiting dashboard in PDF, filter change in some other format . Can we fix it ????

      4.For any reports/dashboard created into PDF file, “SAVE AS” option comes up with file name as “saw”. Ideally Dashboard title should appear as default save as option.
      can we make it bydefault with report/dashboard name instead of saw ???

      5.When converted from OBIEE portal to PDF, font sizes and font types of dashboard should not be changed, and the table borders as well should be all in the same format. I can notice some borders gets thick and some gets thin. The Titles of the columns shouldn't be WRAP TEXT .