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    OSB backup

      Hi Guru's

      We having OSB 10.4 on Solaris 10 with SL 24 TL Auto loader ( Tapes doesn't having Bar-code ), while firing file system backup (Sol 10 is the client OS) , it is hanging . and i have logged in to TL console then it shows loading and unloading. while OSB catalog backup is getting fired on the associated media family . please guide me where the problem lies and guide me to solve

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          Sounds like OSB can't find a usable tape for the job, have a look at the job transcript "obtool catxcr -fl0 <jobid>" to see what it says.


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            HI Rich

            i found that OSB is not able to Label the media because , it is nor able to create the associate files under /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/state/family/<media_family>,
            so as a work around we have created the flies manually and fire the backup. but i am wondering that why OSB is not able to update those files automatically, i have tried after a service re-start but no luck, any one can guide ?

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