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    FrontEnd hosts in weblogic cluster


      I have set the frontEnd hosts in weblogic cluster(10.3.5) to the loadbalancer URL(https://xyz.com) . Webservice developed in 11g is deployed to the cluster. The dynamic wsdl generated contains the the Address of the frontEnd in <address> Tag of the WSDL file.

      But when i try to test the service by clicking on 'test client' on the deployment page. It gives me following error

      failed due to This service requires https,but the attempt to access Test Client at https address https://<ip address where weblogic managed server is running>:443/wls_utc/begin.do did not suceed due to java.net.ConnectException: Tried all:1 addresses, but could not connect over HTTPS to server:<ip address where weblogic managed server is running> port:443. In order to test  a service that requires https the Test Client must be running on a server configured for https.

      Can we configure the front end hosts point to https and still test the test client using the deployment page.?