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    Cross Validation Across Flexfields

      We have two flexfields setup on Opportunities in Oracle Sales ( as below -

      attribute1, valueset1 (Start Date)
      attribute2, valueset2 (End Date)

      The attribute1 is designated as Start Date and attribute2 is designated as End Date.

      How can I a validation on valueset2 so the date > valueset1, i.e. user can only enter an End Date which is greater than Start Date and not vice versa.

      I tried creating valueset2 with Value Validation as “Special” and using a custom SQL when defining the custom validation, but it seems that Special value validation does not work on framework pages… it works only on Forms.

      How can I accomplish this with the two fields being flexfields… using :$FLEX$ reference or otherwise?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.