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    Using a Range Gauge to display values above or below a calculated average

      I'm trying to create a Range Gauge that shows how today's percentage compares to historical percentages but I am not able to get the values to show the way I want.

      Here is the scenario:
      - I have a lab that tests samples and the number of samples varies from day to day from between 100 units to possibly 1000 units.
      - On any given day the percentage of failed to successful results remains fairly steady with some trending (i.e. some months are higher than others but the trend never varies by more than 5-7%)
      - I want to be able to show on a gauge that today's results are a certain percent higher or lower than the percentage of the last week (not my entire set of data, just the last few weeks)
      - I need to have a calculated field that is the percent of today's successful tests and a calculated field that is the average percent of the last 2 weeks
      - I need to show on the gauge the last two weeks average as a base line and today's average above or below that line.

      I have not been able to effectively create calculated fields that are today's success percentage or (more difficult) is the average percentage for the last 2 weeks.

      Anyone have any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance,

      - D.

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