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    Adding Function to Responsibility - Oracle inventory

      Hello Experts,

      Working on Oracle Inventory - Apps 11i.

      When i log on with "Cost Super User" responsibility; i can see under report many submenus.E.g; Cost, Transactions, Values
      (+) Report
       -  Cost
         - Transactions
         - Values
      Whereas when i login with "Puig Cost Management" responsibility,i dont see any submenu under Report function.
      When i checked the Organization_id, both has different organization_id.
      SELECT oa.*
      FROM ORG_ACCESS oa, fnd_Responsibility fr
      and oa.RESP_APPLICATION_ID = fr.application_id
      and fr.RESPONSIBILITY_ID in(82415,80046);
      82415 - Cost Super User - Org_id(200)
      80046- Puig Cost Management- Org_id(300)
      Moreover i have checked the "Menus" for both the responsibilities.

      In "Cost Super User" there was "Cost_Menu" was added as SUB-MENU to Reports tab.

      So, I have included the same to "Puig Cost Management" menu.

      Still the tree structure is not showing up.

      Please help