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    SQL Server connecting Oracle Db using Linked Server, Execution Delay?

      Hi all,
           I have installed Oracle server and SQL Server on separate machines which cause me a time delay of 21 seconds for each execution. Why executions delay? I have set RPC out (true).
      SQL Server against Microsoft OleDB Provider for Oracle provider an Oracle DB Using Linked server.
      Note: My main concern is either if the query is correct/incorrect it executes for 21 seconds.
      Another case when I have both servers on the same machine it executes in milliseconds.
      I have tried Following methods in SQL SERVER.
      1, Using OPENQUERY:
      SELECT * From OPENQUERY(Linked Server Name,’Select * from OracleTableName ‘)
      2, Using Exec:

      SET @sql =(’Select * from OracleTableName ‘);
      EXEC (@sql) AT Linked Server Name ;
      How to reduce the time delay caused for the execution?
      Thanks in advance