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      Even we if configure the path for the xcodebuild, jdeveloper picks the xcrun from /usr/bin. To workaround that even if we alter the system path (/private/etc/paths) to point to latest xcodebuild, jdeveloper seems to pick up the xcrun from /usr/bin. How do we ensure that jdeveloper uses the correct version of xcrun

      e.g.: When using Xcode 4.3.2 the path for xcodebuild would be something like /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin,

      Ideally xcrun should also be picked from xcodebuild directory only.

      Is there some solution to work around this problem?
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          Joe Huang-Oracle
          Hi, what is your setting in the JDeveloper preferences - ADF Mobile - Platform SDKs - iOS xcodebuild directory? JDev should be using the path configured here.

          The suggested path in the initial beta release is /Developer/usr/bin. You should be able to set it to a different value. If you did point to a different value, and JDeveloper still points to /Developer/usr/bin, then this is likely to be a bug. Please let us know.


          Joe Huang