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    Extrage Error

      I Generate a Viewcontroller with JH in Jdeveloper 11.2.2, but when i execute the app, i recieve this error. (The model is simple, I generated the VO and EO, i didn't touch anything)

      <Utils> <buildFacesMessage> ADF: Adding the following JSF error message: Method ProdAMDataControl.dataProvider.clearDeepLinkViewCriteria() not supported
      oracle.jbo.InvalidOperException: Method ProdAMDataControl.dataProvider.clearDeepLinkViewCriteria() not supported

      Anybody knows what could it be?

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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle
          Hmm, strange, can you open your application module, click the Java tab, then click the Edit icon for the Client Interface and check whether method clearDeepLinkViewCriteria() is shuttled to the right?

          If not, move it to the right side and try again.

          Steven Davelaar,
          JHeadstart team.
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            I have verified that method clearDeepLinkViewCriteria() is shuttled to the right, but I am encountering this error. Any other ideas about why or how I can fix it?

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              Steven Davelaar-Oracle

              Can you zip up and send the application to idevcoe_nl@oracle.com?
              Or provide a download link and mail the link.

              Steven Davelaar,
              JHeadstart team
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                Hi Steven. We are also seeing this error as well. Can you pass along any feedback you might have? Thanks.
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                  So, it looks like it was because we were missing a dependency between our ViewController and the underlying Model project. Once we added that, all was well.

                  This occurred as we are adding the projects one at a time instead of creating the new JWS with a viewcontroller and a model. Thanks SarahJ for finding the root cause in our circumstance.

                  All is well, hopefully this helps someone else.