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    Open external document via Discoverer Report

      We have one or more external documents associated with a record. The location of each external document is stored in our database.

      We need a Discoverer report to show a URL of some sort with the location of the external document so that the Discoverer user can click on that link and have it open in a separate window.

      These documents are .pdf, .doc, .docx and only need view-only access. Once they are done viewing, users can close the window and return to their Discoverer report.

      Q: Is this possible in Discoverer ?

      One caveat: the documents are on a different server than the server with the Discoverer app software...

      thanks, much!


      Note: I had an earlier post here -- Re: Possible for Discoverer to display BLOB type documents stored in database? -- my final question (this one) was not answered. Help here would be appreciated!

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