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    Web Service Invocation failure

    Shiva Shankar
      Hi ppl,

      I have deployed CC validation app on the appserver, as far as i'm concerned, i have deployed the DB adapter and the jdbc source correctly, but, when i try to run it on the em server, i get an error like this

      "java.lang.Exception: oracle.sysman.emSDK.webservices.wsdlapi.SoapTestException: Client received SOAP Fault from server : oracle.fabric.common.FabricException: oracle.fabric.common.FabricInvocationException: java.sql.SQLException: Internal error: Cannot obtain XAConnection java.sql.SQLException: Data Source SOADataSource does not exist. at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionPoolManager.reserve(ConnectionPoolManager.java:131) at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionPoolManager.reserve(ConnectionPoolManager.java:77) at weblogic.jdbc.jta.DataSource.getXAConnectionFromPool(DataSource.java:1751) at weblogic.jdbc.jta.DataSource.refreshXAConnAndEnlist(DataSource.java:1515) ".. and so on..

      A little help would be useful..

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          Data Source SOADataSource does not exist
          Either the data source is not there or you app can not "see" the data source...

          Go to data sources on Weblogic admin console and check if the data source is there and if it is targeted to the right server...


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            Shiva Shankar
            Hi all,
            thank you for the help... I got the issue solved!! Might be considered a simple mistake but still, i would like to post the solution

            1. Ensure that the data source is targeted to soa_server (In my case its was already done)..

            2. The datasource name in the DB adapter must match the connection name in the Application end. (wasn't done in my case)

            3. Ensure u're DB adapter and the JMS adapter are in "active" state, not "prepared" state.

            4. **Restart ur soa_server from cmd prompt, or the changes will not be reflected.** (wasn't done in my case), just restarting the DB Adapter and JMS adapter won't help.

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              Thanks for sharing the solution!