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    Oracle Stream Tablespace

      Hi all,

      We have installed Oracle Streams for us to see its but one thing we've noticed is that, the default tablespace of the stream user increases a lot.
      As we're new to this technology, is there a way that we could delete unnecessary information of this tablespace?
      Another thing is that, there 2 tables, that when we do an insert, the record goes to the target DB. but when we do an update, this data does not reflect the in the target. No triggers in these 2 tables. All of the other tables are ok.

      Could you give us a hand to find what is happening?

      11.2.1 it is the version we have installed.

      Best regards
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          In 11.2, the queue table is mainly used for storing failed transactions in the error queue - and this is probably where you will find all of your missing UPDATES, too.

          Check the view DBA_APPLY_ERROR to see which transaction(s) failed. This view will give you information about the source transaction id, which LCR caused the problem, the Oracle error number and message. Most likely the UPDATEs are failing due to conflict detection: the data at the target database does not match the BEFORE IMAGE of the source row Logical Change Record (LCR).

          The Oracle Streams Concepts and Administration manual includes some pl/sql procedures to actually view the transactions and LCRs that are stored in the error queue in Chapter 26 in the subsection labeled "Displaying Detailed Information about Apply Errors"