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    oracle clusterware server pools

      Hello Oracle fans!

      These days i've started reading the clusterware doc from here http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/rac.112/e16794/toc.htm and since i didn't found to much info/examples of administrating server pools at the chapter II Administering Oracle Clusterware i decided to take a look on other resources like blogs& notes. Here http://www.dbametrix.com/oracle-11g-server-pool.html i found the folowing note:

      "New concept was introduced called server pools in Oracle RAC for managing RAC database in Oracle 11g RAC. Before Oracle 11.2 RAC, increasing and removing instances in RAC database is manual process. After introduction of server pool the new concept in Oracle 11g R.2, need to allocate new node in server pool only *because after that all tasks are being performed by server pool automatically*. *We can say that, prior of Oracle 11g R.2 RAC there was Database Administrator based management available because adding node to Clusterware, adding and removing instance from Oracle RAC, creating redo logs, control files, undo tablespace for specific new instance were done by Database Administrator. Nowadays from Oracle 11g R.2 RAC these all tasks are automated using server pool new feature of Oracle 11g RAC."*

      Since i dont have resources in my test env. to add a 3rd node for tests and hoping that the note is correct (or my undertstanding is ok), my question is : after configuring a new cluster node, the addition of a RAC instance on this resumes to adding a server in the server pool where the other RAC DB nodes "resides"??

      With the resources that i have i tested removing of one node from a 2 nodes RAC and adding it back , but the home files were already installed there !

      Thanks !