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    Message travelling through I-Connect

      Can anyone tell me what physically happens with a message as it travels through I-Connect?

      My idea is this:

      As soon as an adapter picks up a message, it is stored in it's queue, which is filebased (is it? and where, in which file?). It is then passed on to the hub, which stores it in its OAI db schema (is it? in which tables?). After that it is passed on to all subscribed apps/adapters. The adapters store it their (file based) queue (again: do they? and where?).

      Can anyone give me more info on this?


      Arjan Loermans
      Vertis bv
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          To save disk space :-) please look at the thread on this forum entitled 'Lost Messages'. This should help a little with your question.

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            The information helped me a lot, just a few questions remain:

            - How is the payload stored once it hits the HUB? Is AQ used, or DB tables?
            - How does InterConnect determine when to delete messages from the HUB queue when multiple apps are subscribed to the message.

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              The payload is stored in OAI_HUB_QUEUE which is AQ queue.

              Messages are expired/deleted from the queue as soon as all the subscribers have consumed the message. The message is cleaned up by the queue monitor process.

              For the AQ queue monitor to work you need to have following init.ora parameters in the database set to non-zero:

              The queue monitor is an optional background process that monitors messages in the queue. It provides the mechanism for message expiration, retry, and delay and allows you to collect interval statistics.