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    BOM Tables F30UI014 and F30UI015 are empty

      Hi All ..

      We are doing a BI Apps ETL for JDE 9.1.

      The ETL has completed successfully.

      But the BOM tables for BI viz. F30UI014 - BOM Header Work File for BI and F30UI015 - BOM Item Fact Work File for BI are not populated with data.

      The BOM Master File (F3002) and Routing Master File (F3003), however, have data.

      Since these are the tables which the ETL tasks refer to, the corresponding data warehouse tables housing BOM Header and BOM Fact details are also not getting populated.
      Since UBE R30461 is already part of 9.1, are there any setups that need to be performed to get data into these tables?

      Is my assumption that running of this UBE R30461 should populate data into tables F30UI014 and F30UI015 correct?

      Where can I get documents/info on what exactly is done by this UBE?

      Any help would be sincerely appreciated..

      Thanks in advance..