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    DefualtExport path in Disocverer Plus

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      I am facing problems in customizing the defualt export path in discoverer plus.

      We are using Discoverer 10g, some of our users will use Plus and run reports after running reports they will export data to Excel using File -> Export option

      When they are exporting data Excel file path is default pointing to c:\documents and settings\<username>

      How can i change that to custom folder such as c:\reports.

      I gone through two steps

      1) Update path to specific user

      dis51pr -user testuser@salesdb -setpref "Application" "DefaultExportPath" \\"C:\\reports\\" -apply

      but no luck, i hope Local %USERPROFILE% of java deployment.properties is overwriting this i guess

      2) I am using pref.txt to update path

      This works well for me

      Any ideas on How i can set for each and every user with different folder.

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