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    Order of WBS's in Activity Layout

      Hello Folks,

      First of all, I am VERY new to Primavera P6 (v8.something). I have spent the past two days searching for the answer to this question, but to no avail. Hopefully you guys will be kind enough to share some of your knowledge.

      We have created a pretty simple metal building project with a few WBS's. We can set the order of the WBS's in the WBS window in the order we want, but this order doesn't carry over to the activity view layout. For instance, one of our WBS's is named "Fabrication" and the other is named "Erection". Obviously, Fabrication should appear before Erection (and it does in the WBS window) but it doesn't once we change to the Activity Layout. Strangely, Erection is placed above Fabrication. All the Start dates and Activity ID's in Fabrication come before those in Erection. Each WBS is Sorted by Activity ID.

      I hope at least some of that made sense. My question is this: how do I control the order of the WBS's in the activity layout?

      Thanks guys
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          Hi Guys,

          We figured out the problem. The WBS's in the Activity view were being sorted alphabetically/numerically. We just added numbers to the front of each entry (WBS Name) so the WBS's would appear in the desired order. Here's an example. In my earlier post I mentioned "Fabrication" would need to appear before "Erection". Because these WBS names were being sorted alphabetically, Fabrication was appearing after Erection. We changed "Fabrication" to "5 Fabrication" and "Erection" to "6 Erection" (Fabrication and Erection are the fifth and sixth grouping set in our list/project, respectively) in the WBS Name entry. By doing this, Fabrication will now appear above Erection.

          We tried adding these same numbers in front of the WBS Code names and that seemed to have no effect on the appearance order in activity view.

          Is this the only way to control the ordered appearance of WBS's in the activity layout view?

          Thanks for everyone's patience.