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    Drilldown Reports

      We are building a Summary and Detail Report. And our aim is to have one single Detail Report rather than multiple Detail Report. Can we pass the condition from Filter Function to the Drill Down report.

      We need to build a report using Filter function and Metric fields. For eg:Column = # of Open Opportunities and Filter(# of Open Opportunties) USING Type = Complaints.

      Now we need to pass Status = Open and Type = Complaints to the drill down report. We can keep Status and Type as Prompted in both reports but we cannot hardcode the values in any report as other column would have separate condition.

      Please let me know how can we achieve this in a single Detail Report.
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          If you'll be passing the same filters all the time, then I suggest that you just create another report with the two stricter filters (let's call it "Report N") and link it as the Navigate to another Analysis Target.

          You can also filter Report N (by prompt) using other column values. For instance, if your have Account Name as a column, then you can prompt Account name on Report N, and it will filter by Account Name, just as how the drill down feature works.

          To add a Navigation Target, in the Define Criteria step, click the Column Properties of the desired drill down column and go to the Column Format tab. Select Navigate as the Value Interaction and click Add Navigation Target. Look for Report N using Browse and add an optional Caption to hint the users.