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    Dimension Parsing Errorh

      Hi all,

      I got error "Dimension Parsing Error" in workbench when clicking 'Rule Manager', 'Experience manager' tabs .... I cannot find any further log to debug.

      The dimension has a product hierarchy with three levels and Chinese Name. Is there any limitation on no. of level, character, etc...

      Any idea?

      Thank you
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          sean horgan - oracle
          Hi Kelvin,
          Can you post the exact version of the software you are using and some more details on the dimension/hierarchy.


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            Did u get a resolution to this? I am facing the same issue.

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              We experienced a similar error yesterday. We are running MDex version 6.2.2.

              Upon investigation, we found that the baseline update had failed, since we had attempted to load zero records. (Turned out that our extract process failed due to a deadlock.) Even though the dgraph was still working smoothly, my guess is that the zero record load somehow wiped out some dimension references, causing the 'Dimension refs parsing error'. The problem was corrected once we reran the baseline update.