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    Database design for storing client address information for all its branches


      I have to design a database so that the performance is optimum and joins are optimum between tables.

      Requirement - I have several banks as clients globally, like HSBC, RBS, AMEX etc. Each bank operate globally, and are divided like the geographies, regions etc.
      For eg. HSBC is operating from US, UK, ASIA, AUSTRALIA. Each geoagraphy is further divided/childs, like, in ASIA has INDIA, PAKISTAN, SRI LANKA, CHINA. Further, it is divided, like in India, it has cities like DELHI, BOMBAY, CHENNAI etc., then further it has within Delhi - Lajpat Nagar, Rohini, Pashim Vihar etc.

      As per the above scenario, I need to store addresses, phone numbers, of all the branches of all clients. Also, there is one more condition like in the above defined hierarchy, later on, a new hierarchy can be added, like In INDIA, it can further divided in States and then its local cities.

      Can you please help me out to design a best DB model for the above scenario which has nominal joins.

      Thanks in Advance