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    OCCI Statement class getCursor() returns an empty ResultSet?

      I have a question regarding getCursor() method of Statement class. When I call Statement::getCursor() to retrieve a ResultSet when there's actually no data in database, it still returns me a valid ResultSet:"
      oracle::occi::ResultSet* occiRS = _stmt->getCursor( columnIndex );

      if( !occiRS || oracle::occi::ResultSet::END_OF_FETCH == occiRS->status() ) {
      const std::string err = "No valid ResultSet found!";
      throw Exception( err );

      while( occiRS->next() )
      int i = occiRS->getInt( 1 );

      Above code doesn't throw any exception, which means ResultSet pointer is valid and its status shows DATA_AVAILABLE. But when I iterate through there's no data retrieved. Why would getCursor() return a valid ResultSet when there's actually no data? Is there any other ways to check whether there's valid data in ResultSet?