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    Oracle ODBC driver recognizes integer columns as Double

      When I execute my SQL statement (shown below) using Oracle ODBC driver, all integer columns are retrieved from the derived table as Double into .Net!!!
      When I use OleDB driver the integer columns are returned as integers.

      f.lot_key,i2 wf_key,f.start_time,i0,i1,i3,i4,d.t1,d.t2
      RES67 d,
      +(Select lg.lg_key,lg.lot_key,lg.src_lot,wl.wf_key,lg.start_time From op_log lg ,wf_log wl+
      Where lg.lg_key=wl.lg_key And  lg.pg_key=67  And lg.lot_key in (31)) f
      d.lg_key=f.lg_key And d.i3=f.wf_key;

      Where all _key columns are defined in DB as Integer fields.

      If I use temporary table instead of the derived table, then ODBC returns integer columns!!!!

      I use the following connection string:

      Please advise.