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    Issues with Internet connectivity when using Java


      Firstly I assume this is the wrong place for this post, but I am not sure where is the appropriate location, so if a moderator feels it needs to be moved, please do, and Thanks.

      I have been having an issue with my internet connectivity when I use Java over the last while, currently I am using 7u5, but this issue is not local to that version, as I noticed before but it wasn't as annoying to me then. When ever I use a java mechanism that uses the internet, like Maven, Netbeans (updating plugins, etc), Apache's HTTP Client, and even the URLConnection class I find that these tools do not correctly connect to the internet, where as I know and can test that my internet connection is both up and running smoothly with other non java based tools, like a browser, or other internet devices in my network...

      What I have recently noticed is that when I start my windows(7 64 bit) machine in safe mode this previously mentioned Java based internet connectivity issues do not appear, and so I must assume that there is some process running when I run windows normally that is interferring with Java's internet connectivity.

      Whats the best way to narrow down this issue, and fix it, or is there a list of processes somewhere on the internet that Java doesn't like?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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