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    Back Button

      hi, i havetwo frames login & homepage.There is button in login page which is directed to homepage.There is another button back in homepage.now what i m trying is,on clicking back button, Login page will appear.I have done this through instantiating the login frame.But the problem i m facing is whenever i presses back button,new login frame appears.So what modification should i make in code so that new frame won't appear wheneevr i presses back button

      //This is code of back button:
      private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {                                        
      // TODO add your handling code here:
      Login l=new Login();
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          Well, yeah, when you click the button then this code will run:
          Login l=new Login();
          And presumably that causes the new login frame to appear. So if you don't want that code to be executed, don't put it there.

          If your only goal is to not have the new login frame appear, then just remove those two lines of code and the method won't do anything at all. If you have a more complex goal, like you want the login frame to appear only sometimes, based on certain conditions, then change that code to incorporate those conditions.

          Sorry if that sounds vague -- all we know about your system is that it contains two lines of code which you don't like.