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    Creating Multiple Hierarchies

      Hi there. I'm relatively new to AWM and creating cubes, so bear with me. I've successfully created a cube with some simple measures and 2 dimensions (Time and Product). I've set up a single hierarchy in each and successfully built and browsed my cube. I ran into difficulties when attempting to create a 2nd hierarchy in my Product dimension. The 2nd hierarchy I set to have the same leaf level and top level as my first hierarchy with differing levels in between. Eg H1 went 'All Products' -> Brand Group -> Brand -> Product SKU. H2 went 'All Products' -> Product Range -> Product Type -> Product SKU. But the cube just would not build. Note the mappings for the leaf and parent in both hierarchies I set to be the same. Logically this made sense to me. The only thing that ended up working was setting the mapping for the parent level in H2 to be 'All Parents2'.

      Can someone please explain the things I need to consider when creating this second hierarchy. Thank you.
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          You say
          But the cube just would not build.
          Please explain exactly what happens. Do you get an error? Does the cube appear to build but then you see no data? If so, do you still see data for the original cube? Are there "rejected records"? Did you re-build the dimension after adding the hierarchies? Can you see the new hierarchy and drill into it using AWM? (Right click on the hierarchy to view its data.)
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            Thanks David and sorry for the scant information. I started my cube from scratch and ensured that I had to underlying data issues (with a child bwlonging to more than 1 parent etc) and how I have successfully managed to build the cube and dimensions sucessfully, with 2 hierarchies.

            One small question that I'm not sure there is any experience of. I have a PRODUCT dimension and have built 2 hierachies. I have browed them both successfully within AWM. However when I browse the cube in Excel using the SIMBA MDX driver, every time i drag the 2nd hierarchy onto one of the axes, Excel crashes.
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              You can contact Simba support at http://www.simba.com/support.htm

              Maybe they can help with this issue.

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                Microsoft Excel as well as all of Simba’s MDX Providers support multiple hierarchies from the same dimension being used on one PivotTable. Oracle OLAP does not support using two different hierarchies from the same dimension in one pivot table. What you are looking to do will require setting up two distinct dimensions in your cube view.

                However, having said that, Excel should display empty data, not cause Excel to crash. Please contact support@simba.com, and let us know what version of the Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP you are using, as well as what version of Oracle OLAP you are using, and we’ll see what’s going on.