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    Lots of Attributes in a Dimension

      Hi there. This my second post in the space of 5 minutes - apologies.

      I have a PRODUCT dimension which has lots of columns in the source table. Some lend themselves to hierarchies whereas some do not. Let me try and explain. I have 3 attributes which I have mapped to a hierarchy and it lets me navigate the product branding i.e. from All Products - Brand Group - Brand - Product SKU. I then have another 3 attributes which let me navigate through the product packaging i.e. All Products - Pack Type - Pack Format - Product SKU. But I have another set of "attributes" e.g. whether the product is organic or not, whether the product is ambient or not. So with this I have a few questions:

      I need this information to be accessible in the cube. My first attempt was to set up attributes against the SKU. But I'm using the SIMBA MDX driver and

      1) Accessing level attributes is restrictive in that I can't filter by them - they are simply an extra label that I can place next to the member.
      2) If I set up lots of hierarchies (allbeit it with few levels in), then again, using Excel, I can only work with one hierarchy at a time, so I would be unable to consider say Organic Products only while using the Brand hierarchy.

      I'm relatively new to this and not as technical with MDX or the view I hear you guys refer to on this forum. Could someone please help me with some basics here and advise on how I might structure my Product dimension properly?

      Thank you so much in advance.