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    How to display text in Scanner......

      Hi guys, i hope u well today....i have one question to ask for you...how, i want display a object that hold string in m scanner java program.....previously, im just used txtCodeline.setText(lCodelineString); as my GUI component and it can run succssfully...the reader can read OCR document but when im used System.out.println("Reader read from document is " + lCodelineString); , it just display [Reader read from document is       ]......i know the lCodelineString have been processed but i dunno how to call it...anyone know how to call it....and, i want seek another help, how to run scanner java program in cmd windows...thanks ^_^

      if (prFullPageReader.IsDocumentOnWindow()) {
      com.mmm.readers.ErrorCode lRes = prFullPageReader.ReadDocument();

      if(lRes == com.mmm.readers.ErrorCode.NO_ERROR_OCCURRED) {
      int IMAGE_BUFFER_SIZE = 300000;
      byte lCodelineBuffer[] = new byte[200];
      int lCodelineLength[] = new int[1];
      lCodelineLength[0] = 200;

      if (
      ) == com.mmm.readers.ErrorCode.NO_ERROR_OCCURRED
      ) {
      String lCodelineString = new String(
      lCodelineLength[0] - 1
      //If this is a passport insert a new line char
      if(lCodelineString.startsWith("P")) {
      lCodelineString =
      lCodelineString.substring(0, 43) +
      "\r\n" +
      lCodelineString.substring(44, lCodelineString.length());
      //read this
      System.out.println("The reader read document : " + lCodelineString);