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    Problem Registering oip9.dll

      I have developed a simple application in VC++, using oo4o (9.2) which I am now trying to deploy. My client's machines all have Oracle Client (v8.0.6) installed. Can I deploy my oo4o 9.2 app on machines with Oracle Client 8.0.6 installed?
      I've looked at the documentation for oo4o 9.2 and in the section entitled 'Oracle Objects for OLE files' it lists the files which need installing (done that) and then registering oip9.dll, I've tried to do this and get the error 'LoadLibrary("oip9.dll") failed GetLastError returns 0x0000007e' !

      I have followed the other instructions in this section of the documentation without incident.

      Any feedback that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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          No. The version of OO4O used must match the deployed client. You could build with the 8.0.6 version of OO4O would would not require extra redeployment steps. The alternative is to use multiple Oracle homes which, I am not sure were fully supported with 8.0.6.