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    Oracle RAC 11gR1: Using wrong cluster interconnect for database

      Hi All

      In Oracle ADDM report finding , we say that oracle is using wrong interface for the interconnect.See the below message

      The instance is using the private interconnect device "bond0" with IP address and source "OS dependent software".

      In our configuration bond0 is used for public IP and bond1 is used for private IP (for cluster interconnect).

      The wrong configuration(bond0 is mentioned instead of bond1) is also confirmed from Oracle Enterprise Manager -- "Cluster Interconnect" tab.

      Interfaces in Use by Cluster Databases

      Name Target Type Interface Name Host Name IP Address Interface Type Source Transfer Rate (MB/Sec) (Last 5 Minutes)

      oraclust Cluster Database

      ora1 Database Instance bond0 pccdpidb1 Private

      OS dependent software .023 *

      ora2 Database Instance bond0 pccdpidb2 Private

      OS dependent software .023 *

      whereas on the same page, we can see that cluster interconnect interface used by Hosts is correct bond1(private)

      Interfaces by Hosts

      Name Type Subnet Interface Type Total I/O Rate (MB/Sec) (Last 5 Minutes) Total Error Rate (%) (Last 5 Minutes)
      crs Cluster

      pccdpidb1 Host

      bond1 Interface Private .0011 *

      0 *

      pccdpidb2 Host

      bond1 Interface Private .0011 *

      0 *

      Also see the output of oifcfg cmd, which shows the correct configuration for cluster_interconnect.

      # oifcfg getif
      bond0 global public
      bond1 global cluster_interconnect

      # oifcfg iflist -p -n
      bond0 PRIVATE
      bond1 PRIVATE

      so bond0 is also shown as "private" and should be corrected.pls suggest procedure to correct this to "public"?

      SQL> show parameter cluster

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
      cluster_database boolean TRUE
      cluster_database_instances integer 2
      cluster_interconnects string

      Can you please suggest how to correct the configuration for cluster interconnect from bond0 to bond1?


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