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    Applet load using private JRE

      In our production system, instead of installing the J2SDK from Oracle we are creating the MSI. Procedure for creating the MSI:
      1) Install J2SDK from Oracle in one of the machine.
      2) Copy the C:\program files\java\jdk1.7.0_05 (JDK + Private JRE) from installed machine
      3) creating the MSI out of that no registry entry populated.

      We have a problem with loading of applet program in machine.

      Could you please help us what's a minimum registry entry u have to populate so applet load works properly.
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          Nope. That's why there are automatic installers, so you don't have to know that stuff. If you for some reason or another need to know then its up to you to make the incredible effort to piece that information together - if you're nice you post your research here so others might benefit from it.

          Note that the automatic installer should also create an MSI for you somewhere (google for Java installation msi) - it seems like you're creating one yourself, but it shouldn't be necessary.