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    Close PO with Receipt

    David Weber

      I am wondering if it's possible to indicate with the PO receipt that the receipt was complete and that the PO can be closed for receiving.

      I know about the parameter "Receipt Close Tolerance", however this does not work well in all situation. We have POs where ordered quantity is for example 10,000. We have cases where we have receipts of 5,000 and it's just a partial shipment from the supplier, means another receipt will follow few days later on the same PO, so the line should remain open. In other case for the same PO the received quantity of 5,000 might be the final receipt, due to some yield loss or such.

      So no mater what I set as "Receipt Close Tolerance", it will always either close the PO too early, or it will not close it at all. However we have reliable information on the shipping documents from the supplier whether it's a partial shipment or a final shipment. Would be great if there is some kind of flag in the PO Receipts to indicate that it's partial or final receipt and close the PO based on such a flag instead of the Receipt Close Tolerance percentage.

      Does anyone have a similar situation? How did you resolve it? Any ideas?

      Now we keep the Receipt Close Tolerance to a low percentage, which results in the situation that many POs stay open and it requires manual efforts to follow up and close them. This is something we'd like to avoid.

      kind regards,