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    RIDC download

      In Oracle documentation they say

      The Remote Intradoc Client (RIDC) can be downloaded from the Oracle Technology
      Network (OTN) at http://otn.oracle.com.

      But I'm not able to find the file to download, please help me to find it.
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          Jonathan Hult

          Download the above patch. Then within the zip look for the following jar: idc-shiphome-generic-patch-20120501-1451/files/ucm/Distribution/RIDC/oracle.ucm.ridc-11.1.1.jar

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            I'm also looking for this jar file for a long time...

            I'm trying to download it but get the following error:

            Access Denied
            Permission denied for downloading patches from My Oracle Support. If you think this is an error, ask your administrator to add this permission.

            Could anyone help to send me a copy of this jar file(please send it to vinci.zhang@gmail.com).

            Thank you very much.

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              ryan sullivan2
              You can also check here for a non-patch location for the ridc jar:


              under "Individual Component Downloads" --> "RIDC (9.07 MB)"

              You'll only need a standard oracle login to access this.