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    problem with alias in Dutch

      Hi all,

      I keep having trouble with the alias construction in Dutch. In English, it works perfectly fine, but if I translate the rule into Dutch (of course, in another - Dutch - rulebase project) it won't compile.

      English rule:
      the person's ID is a match with the other ID if
      ExistsScope(the persons, the other person)
      the person ID = the other person ID
      InstanceNotEquals(the person, the other person)

      Dutch rule:
      het ID nummer van de persoon komt overeen met het andere ID als
      BestaatBereik(de personen, de andere persoon)
      het ID-nummer van de persoon= het ID-nummer van de andere persoon
      InstantieNietGelijkaan(de persoon, de andere persoon)

      Compile error in Dutch version:
      "Unable to parse 'InstantieNietGelijkAan(de persoon, de andere persoon)'. Expected: expression, variable, statement"

      Any help?

      Cheers, Els
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          Ben Rogers
          Hi Els!

          It seems to be working in a basic rulebase we tried. Normally that error occurs when OPA doesn't recognise the entity text for the <instance 1> or <instance 2> argument.
          It might be worth deleting the .xgen file and creating a new document and starting again as something may have become corrupted.
          Failing that, feel free to send the rulebase over - are you using 10.4?