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    VNX Storage Arrays

      Good Morning!

      Are many folks running OVM 3 with a VNX storage array? I'm trying to flesh out the support status.

      Right now, the paths look great by default in OVS with =multipath -ll=, but they aren't showing as happy to the VNX, apparently because OVS doesn't have PowerPath or any other agents running. I'm not sure if I should be loading up PowerPath or maybe the Unisphere agent inside the OVS or not.

      How are folks configured with their VNX? Have you guys had support issues, either with Oracle or with EMC? How well is failover working for you?

      Thanks for any pointers!
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          I very seriously considered VNX about 3 months ago for a Oracle VM project. I ended up going with a ZFS 7420. The ZFS scales a lot better and the jump from a 5300 to a 5500 was far too much in my eyes. Though I will says that EMC got very aggressive in their pricing. More than I thought they would.

          The main reason that I didn't like the VNX was due to powerpath. I've never used a EMC product without using powerpath and powerpath wasn't supported in Oracle VM 3 at the time. It might be now.... I'm not sure. Most storage vendors products work well with the native multipahting features within most systems. EMC is the exception. All this is mute if you're going to use Iscsi or NFS. I personally still prefer FC for databases. I just don't think you can beat it.

          Support for Oracle VM all the way through was very important to me. Not to mention the fact that if you buy Sun/Oracle hardware, support for everything is built in with premier support for systems.