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    Modify JSP w/out Rebuilding

      I am new to web logic so please forgive this trivial question.
      How do you modify jsps without doing a new build. For example in Tomcat I can go to the webapps folder with the unpacked war locate the jsp I want to modify and make my change. A restarting of the application does not need to occur. I then can see that change reflected by refreshing the page.
      Can I do something similar within web logic?

      Thank you
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          Yes,it is possible to modify jsp's without having to rebuild or redeploy your entire application or web module.

          Please refer to the below link for additional information:-



          Apart from jsp's and static files,if you are looking at modifying the class files,then you have another feature in weblogic that you could make use of.
          This feature is called as Fast Swap which removes the restriction of Dynamic Class Redefinition (DCR) which was introduced in jdk-1.5 and the modification can be done not just the jsp files but also for class files.

          Please refer to the link below for more details:-


          Note:-It is not recommended that you make use of these feature in the production environment.

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            Thank you.