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    Installing R for Oracle RAC

      Interested in installing and testing ORE. But we only use RAC (including for development). Downloaded it and went through install.sh script - no RAC support.

      It seems that one installation step that is required is distributing the shared libs to ORACLE_HOME/lib on the other nodes. Not an issue with RAC - the install should be run as Oracle and there will be password-less scp capability to automate the install the shared libs on other RAC nodes.

      The other installation step would be to also scp the ORE tars - and then run +R --vanilla CMD INSTALL+ for these on each RAC node?

      It seems like the only step to perform on a single node would be when touching the actual database (installing schema and PL/SQL code and SQL objects).

      However, a RAC can run policy managed databases - as we do. 9 RAC nodes with 3 RAC databases and the ability to increase the number of db instances for one database, by decreasing the number of db instances for another database.

      Any suggestions as to what needs to be installed in the database versus what needs to be installed on the server? Having a clear separation of these two will make it easy to deploy ORE on RAC.


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