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    OC database question

    Tim Reidy
      I installed Opc Center 12 using the embedded database option. If I "ps -ef | grep ora", I see all of the oracleOCDB processes say (LOCAL=NO). Is this normal?

      12c is running slower on a better machine with fewer agents than our 11g instance, and I'm wondering if something is configured wrong with the databse.

      Thanks for the help.

      Tim Reidy
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          yes, you see all the database processes, lots of them

          yes, it's slower (until someone has something different to say)

          I suppose you can get your DBA to do some database tuning, but these settings may be lost when you patch/upgrade the EC. The other option is to run a separate database on another server.
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            Tim Reidy
            Sorry, I should have been clearer. I was concerned about the LOCAL=NO. I thought since the database is resident on the same machine, it would be LOCAL=YES.

            I haven't done much oracle database work in many years and I'm not sure how things work these days.