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    Weird SCORM Issue

      We are having a bizzare SCORM issue (I think its odd)
      Users are completing modules of elearning and after leaving the course results are only sporadically saving. What is more worrying is that some users are completing the learning only to find when they go back into the module all previous tracking and completion data has gone, and it looks like they have not even attempted the material. OLM also seems to be recording ridiculous amounts of time for playing content.
      Has anyone experienced anything similar and any possible solutions. This is the first time we have experienced these errors, we recently went from 11 to 12 if that helps?

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          Hi, Carl.

          Are you running 12.1 HRMS RUP4? You will know if you are on this version if when you go to import content you have an option to choose SCORM 2004 in addition to SCORM 1.2.

          If you are on this latest version, have you updated the SCORM Adapters from Metalink note 331572.1? Once the SCORM adapters are updated, you'll need to also have patch 12754114:R12.OTA.B applied to your instance in order for the SCORM Adapters to work properly.

          Also, consider testing with the SCORM package provided by Oracle in Metalink note 373734.1 instead of any third-party or internally developed content to isolate whether its an issue with the configuration of OLM / SCORM Adapters / Client Machine settings or the content itself.

          Let me know if you're still having issues, and I'd be happy to jump on a quick GoToMeeting to check it out.

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            Hi Anne,
            I am having similar issue in Oracle iLearning 5.2 with SCORM 2004. Do you have any suggestions?

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